I’m so hot for male friendships
   they’re so serious
the way they film each other on their phones
the way they plan     to start a band

    it makes me wanna have sex with them
at the same time
just so I can whisper in their ears
right before they come together:    I love
your love

   but it also makes me not wanna have sex with them
   I wouldn’t wanna complicate things
   if I had sex with them they might
decide to get obsessed with me
   I would get obsessed with me
if I had sex with me
   I am like    decent at sex
   and then they might forget to focus on loving each other
   I’m so cute    and I wanna peel the repression off their bodies
like dry PVA glue   in a primary school classroom
ah    but really

I should just leave them to get on with it together
   they can kiss each other’s biceps
or at least hold hands and stare carefully at different walls
while I get obsessed with myself
three rooms down the hall

by Freya Daly Sadgrove